CCCKC-U Presents

Tonight (July 10th) we will host the Game development series by Rachel Morris.

Tomorrow (July 11th)  at 11am we will have an open workshop on installing WordPress on a Linux web server.

Please email me if you are interested or if you have any questions.


KCOHG – INSAIN Robotics event

CCCKC will be be a grassroots sponsor for the KCOHG Insain Robotics challenge.

We will mentor and assist teams with soldering and other tasks they may encounter.

CCCKC members get a 15% discount to participate.  CCCKC mentors get free entry.


I need volunteers for this, please contact for details!


CCCKC – Summer and Fall workshop line up

Summer CCCKC Line up

  • June 26th – AMP’d up on Apache + PHP +Mysql.
  • July 17th – DIY WordPress installation and primer

Fall CCCKC Line up

  • August 21st – Open Source “big data” with Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • September TBA – The CCCKC Radio workshop / round table
  • October TBA – 3D printing round table and workshop (tips and tricks for improving print quality and care and maintenance of your bot.)
  • November TBA – Linux 101.
  • December TBA – Raspberry PI @ Episode VII or Have some Pi while waiting for Episode VII.