CCCKC – Summer and Fall workshop line up

Summer CCCKC Line up

  • June 26th – AMP’d up on Apache + PHP +Mysql.
  • July 17th – DIY WordPress installation and primer

Fall CCCKC Line up

  • August 21st – Open Source “big data” with Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • September TBA – The CCCKC Radio workshop / round table
  • October TBA – 3D printing round table and workshop (tips and tricks for improving print quality and care and maintenance of your bot.)
  • November TBA – Linux 101.
  • December TBA – Raspberry PI @ Episode VII or Have some Pi while waiting for Episode VII.

Learn to Solder – Train the trainer

We need to get ready for the maker faire!

I will be doing a train the trainer this Friday evening at CCCKC.

Please stop by if you can.  I will have some kits for people to test their skills on.  In addition if you need one-on-one assistance please email me and I will arrange a time and place for one-on-one training.

If you volunteer at the learn to solder workshop you get free admission to maker faire!


Maker faire 2015 – Learn to solder class – Help wanted

I want you to volunteer for CCCKC Learn to solder!

I want you to volunteer for the CCCKC Learn to solder workshop!

Maker Faire KC (June 27th and 28th)  is on the horizon and I want YOU to help with the Annual CCCKC Learn to solder workshop!

Don’t know how to solder?  No problem, I will have a learn to solder train the trainer class before Maker Faire at CCCKC to help people help others.

If you need to get community service hours, this is the time and place to get them!

Contact Joel Kershner for more information.

CCCKC-U Spring 2015 Classes


What I personally have planned.
February 27th 7pm – Stupid Unix tricks – BASH and SSH
A workshop on accessing Linux/Unix/BSD style servers using SSH and the BASH command shell.
March 2015:
Date/Time TBA – The Raspberry Pi class Strikes Back!
The Raspi is in the news again!  With a brand new model, the Raspberry PI 2!
Yes, its a bit camera shy but we will have a nice quiet chit-cat with it.
With a new chip comes new opportunities (windows 10) plus many of the main stream arm linux implementations.
April 2015:
Date/Time TBA – PPPRC – Pow Pow Powerwheels Racing 101
Date/Time TBA – PPPRC – Build sessions
May 2015:
Date/Time TBA – PPPRC – Build sessions
Date/Time TBA – MakerfaireKC – Learn to solder 101 train the trainer
Want to learn how to solder, want to learn how to teach others how to solder together kits?
June 27/28th 2015:  The CCCKC Learn to solder class at MakerFaireKC!
Need community service hours?  Want to give back to the community at large?
The learn to solder class walks people through the process of soldering together an electronic kit!
Please email me if you wish to participate
… More to come!
Please talk to me about teaching something you know and love.  Even if you are a novice, just showing people your lessons learned is a valuable experience!


3D printer workshop Friday January 30th

  • DeVry University, Room 115, 11225 Holmes Road, Kansas City, MO
  • Friday, January 30th starting at 4:00 p.m. until at least 9:00 p.m. Cowtown Computer Congress presents “So you want to BUILD a 3D Printer?”

    Come see what it takes to build your own 3D printer when Tom Newell, local entrepreneur and creator of the Oni H Bot 3D printer comes to help a Cowtown Computer Congress and DeVry University student build their own 3D printer! There will be printers doing live (ahem) demos, and a 3D printer being built from the ground up!

    Drop by the Cowtown Computer Congress (room 115) any time starting at 4:00 p.m. until at least 9:00 p.m. to see a printer being built as well as seeing the printers in action!  Come in and see a variety of 3D prints and find out what YOU can do with one.   

    This Friday it starts at a special time due to the building of the 3D printer. Feel free to drop by any time that day starting at 4:00 p.m.  Bring a project to work on if you wish and watch the 3D printer being built. Find out what you can build with a 3D printer…it’s an amazing piece of technology!

    Did you know that MEMBERS get to use the Ultimaker 3D printer for free? Ask about our low membership prices and even lower for students!

    Note:  Friday nights at 7:00 p.m. are our regular weekly open house, meeting, and project night. We may start a bit early for members that want to know what we are planning for upcoming events, board meetings, etc. but we will try to get it out of the way before the night officially begins at 7:00 p.m. 

    Keep an eye on MeetUp to see what events will be coming up. We may be having movie nights, build nights, PPPRS team sign ups and building, community out reach events, and more. Don’t forget Maker Faire is coming up and we’ll start planning for that fun event!